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Virtual Nogales is a photography blog that features visual images from the adjoining border towns of “Ambos” Nogales (meaning “both” Nogales) – Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

Life on the U.S. – Mexico border is very different from anywhere else, and Ambos Nogales are different from that in other border cities. They both have their own unique attributes, but at the same time share many common characteristics. And that is what we intend to explore and display, in a visual medium.

This website will feature photographic images from photographers on both sides of the border, with commentary where appropriate. This is to not only broaden our coverage, but to provide unique perspectives from a variety of sources and locations.

We welcome your positive feedback, comments and suggestions. We would also like to hear from local Ambos Nogales photographers who would like to share your images on this forum.

Click here to get in contact with us. And thanks for visiting Virtual Nogales!