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There is an abundance of beautiful and interesting natural flora and fauna in the Ambos Nogales region.
Various species of animals and plants native to the Sonoran Desert, the Southwestern United States and Northwest Mexico thrive in the area.

In addition, twice a year Nogales is host to a variety of migratory birds as they rest in their journey.

There are man-made challenges to the animals of the region, namely the border wall, which restricts the natural movement of animals along their long-established migratory routes.

Every year, in April or May, a local group of volunteers host a Nature and Heritage Festival to explore and celebrate the natural, cultural and historic aspects of Nogales, Santa Cruz County and Northern Sonora, Mexico.

The festival includes trips, workshops and other fun and enriching activities for nature lovers. Read more about the Santa Cruz Nature & Heritage Festival.

An Early Spring in Nogales

Due to the warmer-than-normal winter temperatures, plants and flowers in Nogales began to bloom in mid-February. This apricot tree began to flower in late February 2014, and the bees loved it.  ...

Urban Roadrunner

This desert roadrunner decided to spend some time in the city of Nogales recently. I was walking and noticed him in a field, and went over to take some pictures. After he became accustomed to my being there, he let me come close to him, and I had never been that close...